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                                                         Gem Malki

Gem Malki is California-based men’s clothing company that offers a wide range of shirts different designs and size. Coming from a family that has a textile background more than two decades in Turkey, helped into shaping the brand’s vision.

Inspired by the every aspect of life, Gem Malki embodies luxury and comfort in its collections. The shirts are made with the highest quality of fabrics that are picked carefully in Italy and Turkey while the production is held in Turkey.

We, as Gem Malki want our customers to feel confident, bold, and stylish.

                                                Cortigiano in Bottega

Since day one, Cortigiano in Bottega catches up seasons and trends in men’s fashion. Our mission has been to create clothes that inspire confidence and make you feel comfortable at all time.

We are proud to be making must have essentials in a men’s wardrobe with quality and resilient fabrics, seamless technology with an excellent fit and sophisticated details.

Cortigiano in Bottega will be your partner in crime whether day or night, business meetings or social events to make you look fresh.